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The platinum choice package provided at Nationwide offered extra coverage. With this tier, indeed you will have the choice of good driving rewards, new car replacement coverage, full glass coverage, prestige rental coverage and also identify fraud monitoring. In addition to this, there is an accident forgiveness program known as “Good Driving Rewards” under the platinum choice.
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Insurance Coverage

Nationwide Car Insurance is owned by policyholders, known as one of the largest insurance and financial companies in the world. The brand specializes in serving automotive insurance across the country with comparable premium amounts. The company has a name on a global level and is growing larger and larger with every passing day.

Today insurance is a compulsory addition to every car as per the Motor Vehicle Act laid down in the year 1988. Although you are bound to buy and renew those every year, besides, it’s restricted implications, you need to consider its importance. Nationwide car insurance is providing better solutions for safe riding and to give relief from very high costs after misfortunes with simple and easy process requiring minimum documents. The process is nowadays so easy that you can book an insurance from your laptop or smartphones within few minutes.

Coverage Options

Nationwide is making easy access to calculate premium amount. If you are looking to buy a new car insurance plan, Nationwide Insurance approaches to their potential customers and helps them to determine the type of insurance they want. It is essential to notice the various aspects regarding vehicle like model and type of car, the year the car had been bought, year of registration, city of operation, IDV (Insured Declared value), etc. Also the customer’s driving history is also required to be filled.

Nationwide is accessible with much lower base premium amount as compared to others. Nationwide is the comprehensive car insurance plan which combines with self-car damage and Third party legal liability coverage. They also provide more supplementary plans, some of which are free depending on pre-plan and also some are required to pay charges to get extra benefit. It provides the facility of cashless claim settlement across the country with authorized network. Nationwide offers adaptable policies which covers against loss or damage from natural calamity including fire, explosion, flood, typhoon, self-ignition, lightning, storm, hurricane, earthquake, cyclone and landslide. Amount of Sum Assured depends on IDV (Insured Declared Value) which is the listed selling price less depreciation for each year. Customers can also extend their geographical area to include the border areas with flexible plan by customizing as per requirement. Customers may also look for membership to get desirable extension plans with great price benefits. 

Coverage options are available as per plan laid down by a customer who manages to look after different situations. There are many scopes of coverage, including Physical Injury Accountability, Possession/ Property Damage Accountability, Physical Injury Accountability for uninsured motorist, Possession/ Property Damage Accountability for uninsured auto - motorists. Nationwide works for its customer’s indeterminable on-site conditions bringing clarification to all the possibilities. Whether the damage or property loss may have happened to the insured person, the vehicle or front vehicle, we facilitate in both cases as per the customer’s plan.Third party legal liabilities cover responsibilities for any injury caused, death/ any damage to property of the third party auto-motorist caused due to the insured vehicle.


Nationwide Car Insurance quotes are very affordable in nature. Nationwide also readily serves with many multi policy discounts, Nationwide family Plan, Accident Free discount, Anti-theft discount, Affinity car insurance discounts, etc. Persistent Affordable Car Insurance at significant discounts is the specialty of Nationwide car insurance company. Nationwide car insurance provides a variety of different courses and discount rates for its members. Compare all your circumstances and check if you qualify for any excellent affordable rates. Accidents are uncertain in nature and anyone can get into an accident. The losses occurred during accident includes physical or economic loss. A single accident can be responsible for the suffering financially and emotionally. Compensation of these losses is done by the cheapest insurance company if the customer is insured. This loss can stand out to wipe out your life savings but having insured once will help you to safeguard your account. You didn’t need to worry about the losses once you are insured.

The coverage of the insurance is also very basic in nature with low own damage premium. The plan covers Third Party Liability, Personal electrical accessories, coverage for non-electrical accessories, Personal accident covers for co-passenger, CNG kit coverage and Driver cover. A customer can avail no claim discount choosing voluntary deductible option leading to low premium amount paid by the customer. Implementation of the bi- fuel injection system such as CNG are covered by the plans.

Customer Satisfaction

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The Nationwide car insurance reviews are very positive. Nationwide provides friendlier access to customer queries for safer driving solutions. They also enable to share customer’s discounts to other family members with their family plans. Nationwide Car insurance company issues general car insurance plans in different variants as the Best value plan with the lowest cost of premiums, Standard plan with a regular cover at a standard rate of premium, Flexible plan with enhanced coverage protection for the vehicle with the premium amount tending on the higher side.

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The customer may forget to renew their policies timely, but Nationwide Insurance Company makes sure to remind their customer of their policy’s expiration. Many add on covers are available for packages to enhance effectiveness of the insurance plan. The customer can also ask for extra accessories insurance like music system and air conditioning for their cars.

Due to such facilities, we recommend our customers go with Nationwide Car Insurance as it is reliable and affordable too.

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